The Nachinanie Nature Reserve

is located in the Moscow region and extends for over 38 hectaresof the forest area

We address the ecological
threats to the local forests

By restoring, conserving
and protecting the forest area

in collaboration with the
Department of Biology
of the Moscow State University

We educate

on the grounds of the Young Nature
Lovers Club that provides classes for kids and
school students with environmental experts

We organize
and host tours
along the eco paths

of the nature reserve
and share our knowledge
of the flora and fauna
of the Moscow region

We do scientific

on forest biodiversity – observe and analyse the
flora and fauna including the diversity of fish species
in the Istra water reservoir in order
to build up a significant knowledge base

Our supporters:

The Nachinanie Foundation is financed by its founders only. In 2017-2019 the Foundation provided support totalling 166 mln rubles of the activities to restore and protect the forest as well as to organize educational and nature protection activities for the youth

2019 saw 46 visits by the kids and school students

The staff of the nature reserve gave 94 tours and lectures on botany, zoology, ornithology and ichthyology.

You can see and use the following infrastructure of the nature reserve:

  • Young Nature Lovers Club with a lecture room and video equipment where the experts of the Moscow State University run classes with the youth

  • Cabins to drink tea and get warm in cold weather

  • Equipment to analyse the collected biomaterial (binocular, trinocular)

  • Ecopaths equipped with navigation posters for educational tours

  • Nature Museum of the Moscow Region with the exhibits telling about the flora of local forests.

We help develop and strengthen the environmental volunteer movement

The nature reserve provides opportunities for everyone to join the volunteer activities and contribute to conservation and development of forests.

Scientific works in the Nature Reserve

The Nachinanie Foundation helps organize scientific research of the Moscow State University related to protection of the biodiversity of the forest and water area and support further publishing and promotion of the results.

Flora and Fauna in the Nature Reserve

Students say Thank you after their visits

The Nachinanie Nature Reserve in its autumn beauty